Erik Hassle was the support act at a Mika gig at the O2 Academy in Birmingham on Thurday night;

Mika put on an amazing performance. I’m not a particular fan of his music – I mean I like his songs, well I don’t dislike them. They’re happy jumpy, sometimes heart wrenchingly raw songs and he’s a fantastic, sometimes surreal performer. Very enigmatic, very sexy, very lithe. Absolutely bloody mesmerising set design!!

The audience consisted of young kids to 50 year old men and women. An amazing mix of people. Is this the kinda situation that the saying ‘universal appeal’ would apply? The crowd were very polite. There was no pushing, or anyone trying to push their way to the front. We all stood politely, waiting for the desk to be occupied at the front of stage;

Throughout the show he loves to hold the microphone out in the direction of the audience so that we can fill in the chorus for him. It puts the most wonderful shining cheeky little embarrassed smile on his face that there are other people who know his work off-by-heart.

I would recommended his show to anyone. It dosen’t matter if you aren’t fussed about his music. It’s about more than the music. Just go along to see the amazing quality of the production. Mika is very fit, but he moves around an awful lot in this show. He looks ready to drop down by 10:30pm at which time the audience scream incessantly to show their appreciation for his mammoth effort.