The Leicester Tigers hosted Will Young on Friday 16th July for the second ever concert at their grounds at Welford Road. Some of the entertainment provided by Will was suited to the environment:

With the stage positioned just in front of the largest stand, the Caterpillar Stand which holds 10,000 people, the evening started off with two artists Jersey Budd and Edei performing under a dark and tempestuous sky.

Unfortunately for anyone sitting in the first 10 rows in the stand, the intermittent downpours sprayed freely over all concerned. These people (myself included), would have been soaked through if it wasn’t for the free rain macs provided by the staff. These provisions also meant that there were no umbrellas blocking the view of the stage.

One of other disadvantages of the Caterpillar stand is the roof which is apparently made of some kind of metal? The weather in the middle of summer is hot of course, but this means there will sometimes be sudden and violent downpours. Even though the rain may have only lasted for a few minutes, it came down with such ferocity that the sound of it banging on the roof of the stand almost completely blocked out the music that was playing. This can get quite frustrating after it occurs for the third, fourth or fifth time…..

But in all fairness, that kind of weather is rare and in any case the clouds had quickly passed over by the time Will Young came to the stage. He made his appearance by scoring a drop goal at the Goldsmiths stand end of the field – which was blocked by the stage for half of the audience. Several thousand people looked on in bemusement at the other half of the audience who were going wild for something….

I was attending the concert with my mother who had won tickets through a local radio station. The normal price of the tickets would have been £35 – which is a great price for both the artist and the venue. Since the stage was positioned so close to the stand, the only seats which would have provided a bad view of the stage would have been those right on the edges in blocks AL/AU or GL/GU. Every other seat was in a brilliant position. Congratulations to the Leicester Tigers for hosting such a great event – I hope to attend more concerts that they’ll hopefully host. Even though this was only their second event, they obviously are experienced at handling such large crowds.

As for the performance by Will Young himself – well what can be said? The songs are pleasant but quite generic and the man has the voice of an Angel. He is an absolute pleasure to listen to – any sounds that he makes seem to be covered in honey and sunlight. As seen in the above videos, Will Young is a brilliant entertainer as well. Rather than just standing on stage and belting out a few hits he’s willing to go that extra mile. He’ll kick a rugby ball or go and high-five members of the audience, and as a commentator on one of the videos stated – his shows are never the same. While he may not be in the same theatrical league as Mika, the playfulness is just right for the songs that Will Young performs.