It’s February? Then it must be time for the Leicester Comedy Festival! Here’s an sample from one of the 350 or so shows taking place –

Tom Raymond (writing for the Leicester Mercury), reviewed the show –

Walking into the Crumblin’ Cookie I had no idea what to expect from Richard Peel’s Werewolf Island, writes Tom Raymond.

Not much was given away beforehand but it was this intrigue that made me eager to see what they had to offer.

We were promised a comic book style story of two warriors travelling across a strange island, so when the two comedians walked on stage decorated with only two chairs and a lamp, my expectations were somewhat dashed.


However, 10 minutes in and it becomes clear just how this imaginative set worked with the simplest of structures.

The comic book story became the background for the comedians to overlay jokes and banter while also allowing the two to prance around the stage mocking heroic comic book fantasy.

The idea behind Werewolf Island really displayed Peel’s innovative imagination, using miming techniques over a pre-recorded story to create numerous character representations through just the two comedians.


Each character’s thoughts were aided by humorous facial expressions, actions and tongue-in-cheek songs which broke up the set and allowed them to entertain us with stupid dances which, let’s face it, are always a crowd-pleaser.

This original style of comedy really set it apart from most other stand-up comedians and was a welcome change for the Leicester Comedy Festival.


The interpretive performance gave Werewolf Island a certain charm which I was not the only one to note.

Another viewer said: “I really didn’t know what to expect but I was really impressed.”

This is definitely a piece I would happily recommend anybody to see – so long as you go along with an open and imaginative mind.

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