Emma Friedmann is currently fighting for justice for her son –

Emma has epilepsy and took an anti-convulsent medication while pregnant to manage her condition & to promote a successful pregnancy. Her neurologist ensured her that the medication would not affect her unborn child, but this wasn’t true and her son is disabled as a result.

Two in five children born to mothers who took the same medication are also disabled. Her son will need constant care for the rest of his life at an expected cost of £10 million to the taxpayer.

Emma is currently involved in a test case with 99 other families in the same situation. They hope to hold the pharmaceutical company to account for the damage the drug caused to their children, and to seek financial compensation to help pay for the care their children need rather than sourcing it from the taxpayer.

As Emma and the other families are occupied with caring for their children, they were receiving legal aid to help them bring their case to court. Unfortunately this aid has been withdrawn – even though the test case was due to go to trial this Friday (6th May). The cost of providing legal aid has been deemed too expensive.

As Emma points out herself – wouldn’t it make more financial sense to provide the £750,000 to take the case through court, rather than expecting the tax payer to pay out £1 billion just for the 100 children that are involved in the test case? This definitely appears to be a case of false economy.

You can contact Emma on Twitter (@emmafriedmann) to pass on your support for her cause.