Your Lionheart

Due to an accident and suffering from the resulting long term injuries, Victor still lives at home with his mother. As a single parent with an adult son, Elsie cares for Victor to the best of her abilities and always tries to make sure that he looks smart and presentable.

Victor can be a little bit more demanding than other young men and sometimes Elise feels the need to take a break. She doesn’t go far – sometimes just to the shops or to visit a neighbour for a cup of tea.

Even though Elise thinks she is doing the right thing, it can get a little bit too much for Victor and he wishes that her breaks could be a little bit longer. Today Victor seizes the chance to release himself from Elise’s control once and for all. Will he succeed?

(Created for the James Bay Film Project)


Indulge Icepan

A promotional film created for a rolling display in the retailers premises –

Indulge Is the UK’ first Ice Pan dessert parlour which is distinctive and unique. Ice pan is modern and fresh innovation in the dessert industry. It creates outstanding ice cream with a extraordinary taste and a quirky style of presentation right before your eyes. At indulge, our ingenious experts will create your choice of ice cream right before you as you watch. We aim to represent a unique dessert of the finest quality by using a verity of top quality, fresh ingredients and toppings. We can create almost any flavour using fresh, chilled or frozen ingredients, sauces and toppings. That`s not all, we can even create a savoury ice cream !

Music by James Joshua Otto from the album ‘And Then the Mountains Moved’ featuring the songs ‘What Is Whispered In Your Ear’, ‘Revelation’ and ‘One Step Enough.

Looking Backward

A suspenseful thriller – watch Looking Backward if you dare!

Synopsis: Yasmin felt trapped. It started after she felt trapped in her job, working for her supervisor who never seemed happy with anything she did and now her supervisor had trapped her. They were alone in the warehouse together and he’d set up his temporary laboratory. She’d seen the equipment used before and had never been able to forget the things he’d done with it. She was still trapped but really needed to escape. Right now.

Spreading Our Wings – Little Bird SOS

We recently had the pleasure of working with Little Bird SOS to make a film about their fantastic social enterprise which helps people cope and recover from stress, anxiety or depression through using creativity and crafts. Little Bird SOS is an arts for health organisation that supports health and wellbeing.

Please take a moment to learn about the work they do and feel free to help spread their message even further! Further details available at

Portraiture at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival

Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival is an annual event taking place every February – more than 500 shows are squeezed into 19 days in various venues across the city. Here are a few portraits from a selection of those shows!

Pesha Lily at The Glang Show photo Agnes20Henson20amp20Pesha20Lily20The20Glang20Show20_zpsxheqjhfi.jpg
Pesha Lily at The Glang Show

Morgan & West photo Audience20Member20Morgan20amp20West_zpsdarsjab0.jpg
Morgan & West

Ben Clark-Betts photo Ben20Clark-Betts_zps46f5yszy.jpg
Ben Clark-Betts

Bruce Edhouse photo Bruce20Edhouse_zpsgiqz4cib.jpg
Bruce Edhouse

Caroline Ryan photo Caroline20Ryan_zps0wvsw6lg.jpg
Caroline Ryan

Chris Joyce photo Chris20Joyce_zpsblkpqc0u.jpg
Chris Joyce

Daniel Nicholas photo Dan20Nicholas_zpsymjlq5ia.jpg
Dan Nicholas

David Parkin photo David20Parkin_zpssaexbl1x.jpg
David Parkin

James Hately photo Flames20Snakely_zpspzdmkofe.jpg
James Hately

Ian Hall photo Ian20Hall_zps5gun1zsn.jpg
Ian Hall

Rob Gee photo Icarus20Dancing20Rob20Gee_zpsas1mou0d.jpg
Rob Gee

Ishi Kahn-Jackson photo Ishi20Kahn20Jackson_zpsglidhbft.jpg
Ishi Kahn-Jackson

James Cook photo James20Cook_zpsmjzmqxr0.jpg
James Cook

Kate Smurthwaite photo Kate20Smurthwaite_zpsaictirhf.jpg
Kate Smurthwaite

Let Luce photo Let20Luce_zps2oqqjbdq.jpg
Let Luce

Mary-Anne Ratcliffe photo Mary-Anne20Ratcliffe_zpshzxy5eia.jpg
Mary-Anne Ratcliffe

Morgan & West photo Morgan20amp20West_zpsq9kx9zk0.jpg
Morgan & West

David Parkin photo On20the20piano20Parkin20Presents_zpszbcilsrv.jpg
David Parkin

Let Luce photo Pirate20Party20Let20Luce_zpsyv5dxwka.jpg
Let Luce

Richard Peel photo Richard20Peel_zpscts4fpxt.jpg
Richard Peel

Rob Coleman photo Rob20Coleman_zpsk0dxnd8h.jpg
Rob Coleman

Rob Gee photo Rob20Gee_zps0k26b2lg.jpg
Rob Gee

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre photo Scottish20Falsetto20Sock20Puppet20Theatre_zpskm5ewap0.jpg
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

Sonia Aste photo Sonia20Aste_zpswgefmvie.jpg
Sonia Aste

Daniel Nicholas at The Glang Show photo The20Glang20Show20Dan20Nicholas_zpswl0ug7va.jpg
Daniel Nicholas at The Glang Show

The Kagools photo The20Kagools_zpslofv6365.jpg
The Kagools

Thomas Rackham photo Thomas20Rackham_zpscdzcw8i8.jpg
Thomas Rackham

Tina Turner Tea Lady photo Tina20Turner20Tea20Lady_zpshwyrojkh.jpg
Tina Turner Tea Lady

Tony Jameson photo Tony20Jameson_zpsmjn6mq7f.jpg
Tony Jameson

Director’s Showreel

A selection of short film excerpts from the Writer, Director, Editor and Producer Lucy Peel.

Featuring Cinematography from Bill Newsinger, Keith Allott, Gurdeep Sian, Ash Brown, James Shrig, David Wilson Clarke, Alexei Kirkham and Peter Banks.

Actors featured include Joe Ross Williams, Grace Davis, Rob Coleman, Santiago Mosquera, Kenton Hall, Melody Marshall, Fergus Macdonald Caird, Meri Everitt, Becca Bryers, David Parkin, John Kearns, Kirsty Munroe, Liz Ball, Paul Banks and Rebecca Clare Evans.

To view the complete films and credits, please visit or other pages on

Title of the featured song is ‘In The Air Now’, composed by Steve Lemaire and under licence from Blindfold Sound.

Miracles of Modern Science – Tensity

Created for Miracles of Modern Science and taken from their debut album ‘Dog Year.’

Available from –

Synopsis: Jake is frustrated. He’s a popular and confident person but always feels like he’s putting on a show for other people – that he’s not being himself. One day Jake gathers the confidence to take away this mask and open himself up to others. In what some would describe as either a moment of madness or clarity, he shows himself for who he thinks he really is. Tensity examines the discord between how we see ourselves and how other people see us.

Grace and the Magic Roots – She Runs

Created in support for Grace & the Magic Roots new EP – Dawn.

Available from –

More information about the band –


Desperate to discover and understand more about themselves, Fëanáro, Taurnil, Arminas and Elrohir take a step out together into a strange and unfamiliar world.

What adventures await this merry band of travellers? Would they overcome obstacles thrown into their path? Their adventure would result in bonds that last a lifetime but also make them question reality as they once understood it.

She Runs describes the challenges of carrying on in adversity.

Grace Petrie – A Hell of a Good Time

Grace based the song ‘A Hell of a Good Time’ upon Richard Feynman (an American Physicist and popular broadcaster) and in particular the relationship with his childhood sweetheart – Arline.

Four years after their marriage, Arline succumbed to Tuberculosis and a heartbroken Richard wrote his late wife a love letter, sealing it in an envelope. The letter remained unopened until after his own death, over forty years later (

Sixth Sense

As created for the competition, this short film looks at the moment Nathan had to choose between life & honesty.

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